Butt-Blasting Exercises

Butt-Blasting Exercises

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Cardiovascular exercises, such as walking, help you lose weight.

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As eager as you might be to get rid of a big butt, it's not possible to target butt fat exclusively. To lose the excess weight on your backside, you'll need to take a whole-body approach to weight loss that includes cardiovascular exercise. In conjunction with this, you can do butt-blasting strength training exercises to lift and tone your bottom. See your physician before you start a new exercise regimen.

Get Rid of Excess Fat

To reveal a toned, firm butt you have to get rid of excess fat. By engaging in cardiovascular exercise for 150 to 300 minutes per week, you can lose weight all over, including around your butt. Choose aerobic exercises you enjoy that engage the butt muscles to make it easier to commit to a regular exercise program. Moderate-intensity exercises, such as walking, ballet, or bending and squatting while doing yard work or gardening, burns approximately 250 calories per hour. More vigorous butt-engaging aerobic exercises, like biking, swimming, circuit training, basketball, skating or jogging, burn about 500 calories per hour. A daily burn of 250 or 500 calories will result in a weekly loss of a half or one pound, respectively.

Boost Your Fat-Blasting Potential

Blast even more fat off your body and butt by including interval training in your cardiovascular workouts. Interval training involves alternating between normal-paced intervals and faster intervals. For instance, if you walk briskly for your cardio workouts, then walk for two to four minutes, followed by 30 to 60 seconds of race walking or jogging. Continue alternating between the two for your entire workout. Alternately, you can jump rope, do explosive lunges or jog up some stairs during the faster-paced interval to blast butt fat. With interval training, you can boost your calorie burn for quicker fat loss.

Butt-Toning Exercises

Strength training exercises should be included in your butt-blasting plan to lift and tone the glute muscles. Two to three weekly muscle-toning sessions that last 20 minutes a piece are sufficient for toning your bottom. When using weights with your strength-training exercises choose one that fatigues your muscles by the 12th repetition. Increase the weight by 5 to 10 percent when it becomes easy to use. Include bird-dogs, dumbbell step-ups and squats in your exercise routine to get a better butt. Hold dumbbells while doing step-ups and squats to increase the resistance against your muscles. You can perform step-ups on a step aerobics platform or stair step by stepping up with one foot while holding a dumbbell by each side. Bring the other foot up onto the step, and then step back down starting with your first foot.

Benefits of a Reduced-Calorie Diet

A calorie-reduced diet will help you further your weight loss and provide the energy needed to blast your butt into better shape with exercise. By reducing your calories in the amount of 250 or 500 per day, you can lose an additional half to one pound per week. Eat good-for-you foods such as lean proteins, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and lowfat dairy. Avoid fast and processed foods. Five to six small meals per day are a better choice than three large ones, and they'll keep your metabolism boosted for even more weight loss.