How to Tone the Top of the Butt

How to Tone the Top of the Butt

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Abductor exercises can strengthen your upper butt.

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Exercises that target the gluteus muscles in your butt tend to target your entire rear end. Additionally, many glute exercises also work the quads and hamstrings in your thighs. If you wish to firm up your butt without growing your thighs, you can try targeting the upper part of your butt, particularly the smaller gluteus medius and minimus muscles. Hip abduction exercises target your upper glutes.


Warm up with five to 10 minutes of aerobic exercise before starting your main workout. Include some lateral carioca running to dynamically stretch your glutes and abductors. To do a carioca, run to your left, cross your right leg in front of your left, move laterally with your left leg and then cross your right leg behind your left. Continue the pattern and then repeat the run to your right.


Sit in an abduction machine with your back firmly against the back rest. Position your legs so the outsides of your shins lie against the insides of the resistance pads.


Exhale as you press against the pads. Move your legs laterally as far as you can.


Inhale as you return slowly to the starting position. Perform eight to 12 repetitions, using sufficient weight to make the last rep or two challenging.

Things Needed

  • Abduction machine


  • You can also perform abduction exercises with a low-cable machine and an ankle cuff attachment, with a resistance band or by lying on your side and resting a weight on your upper foot.


  • Speak with your doctor before you make a new exercise plan.


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