Targeted Training for Winsor Pilates

Targeted Training for Winsor Pilates

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Pilates can strengthen your entire body, not just your core.

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Winsor Pilates is a form of Pilates that was developed by Mari Winsor, a certified Pilates instructor. Body toning and weight loss are two of the primary benefits of this Pilates system, which is built on dynamic sequencing - a method that uses a variety of exercises that are set to a specific rhythm and order to ensure optimal results. There are methods to employ targeted training with this Pilates system so that you can sculpt and tone various areas of your body as you see fit.

Roll-Up For Abs

The roll-up exercise is good for both beginners and those advanced in Pilates, and it helps to tone and strengthen the abdominal muscles and also the muscles of your lower back, buttocks and hips. To perform this move, sit up and place your legs out in front you with your arms resting on your legs. Lower your upper body backward toward the ground, but stop when you get halfway. Raise your arms to the sky and hold your position for 10 seconds before returning to the starting position. Use a moderate pace to complete eight repetitions.

Kneeling Side Kicks For Hips

Kneeling side kicks focus on your hips and waistline and can help to tone your buttocks and thighs. Start by kneeling on a Pilates mat and then take your left hand and place it next to you on the mat as if you are leaning on it. Make sure that your left shoulder, elbow and wrist are all in alignment as you complete this move. Now, take your right leg and raise it out to the side until your hip and knee are parallel and then kick backward and forward with that leg before returning to the starting position. Try to do five repetitions on each leg.

Pilates Push-Up For Your Arms

The Pilates push-up works your arms, core, abdominal muscles and upper body. This moves looks deceptively easy, but it is very challenging, especially to those who are new to Pilates. On a Pilates mat, get onto your hands and knees. From there, get into the position that you use to perform a traditional push-up, raised up on your hands and toes like a plank. Hold this position for 10 seconds and then slowly return to the starting position to rest for a few seconds. Aim for eight repetitions of this move.

Double-Leg Kick For Hamstrings

The double-leg kick works your hamstrings and other muscles of the upper leg, as well as your hip extensors and many muscles in the back of your body. To perform this move, lie on your stomach on a Pilates mat and squeeze your inner thighs together while keeping both legs parallel to each other. Do a triple kick with both of your legs - bend your knees and kick backwards by bringing both of your feet as close to your lower back as possible. Do this quickly three times. As you do these three backwards kicks, keep your feet squeezed together and the front of your thighs and pelvic bone securely on the mat. Either leave your arms at your sides, or if more advanced, clasp your hands behind you at the small of your back. Try and perform this move for 10 repetitions.