Men's Workout Routine for Toning the Chest & Arms

Men's Workout Routine for Toning the Chest & Arms

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Targeting your upper and lower pecs will help better define your chest.

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Many men work hard in the gym to achieve a toned physique. But achieving a toned upper body doesn't have to take super-human effort. With targeted chest, biceps, triceps and forearm exercises, you can quickly develop defined pecs and arms.

Build Those Pecs

The chest is made up of two main muscles groups: the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor. In order to get a well-developed chest, you have to do exercises that work the entire chest area. Bench presses, dumbbell flyes, cable flyes and pushups on an incline can target your upper chest while doing them on a decline will target your lower chest. Performing these exercises on a flat plane will cover everything in the middle. Remember to take at least one day off between chest workouts to allow time for recovery.

Develop All-Around Arms

Toned arms have well-developed biceps, triceps and forearms. To work your biceps, do biceps curls, underhand cable pull-downs, pull-ups and pushups. To define your triceps, perform dips, weighted dips, pull-ups, overhand cable pull-downs and triceps dumbbell kickbacks. Switch up your grip to include wide- and close-grip hand positions for pull-ups and pushups to work the muscle groups differently. To strengthen your forearms, perform wrist extension and wrist curls. Allow for at least one recovery day between arm workouts to give your muscles a chance to grow.

Superset for Super Results

If you like to work your arms and chest on the same day, try supersetting. This technique helps build stronger, more toned muscles in less time. Rather than taking a break after performing one set of an exercise, jump into a set of an exercise that works a different muscle group with little rest in between. To superset chest and arms, alternate sets between chest and arm exercises. Do one set of dumbbell bench presses and then jump right into a set of pushups. Perform one set of weighted dips and then move to a set of incline dumbbell flyes. Switch back-and-forth between the two until you complete your target number of sets for each exercise.

Choose The Right Work Load

The weight-to-rep ratio you use when lifting weights depends on the results you are looking for. If you only want toned arms with little bulk, you should be lifting less weight and doing more reps. This will help build muscular endurance. If you are going for strength and size, heavier weight with lower reps will give you a high-intensity workout to get the job done. Choosing a weight that will allow you to complete a moderate amount of reps, about eight to 12, will give you a nice combination of both strength and endurance.


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