Why Do a Gym Questionnaire?

Why Do a Gym Questionnaire?

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Gym questionnaires can help you reach your fitness goals.

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Fitness center questionnaires can come in many forms, each gathering specific types of information. When you walk through the door of a gym for the first time, you're likely to be handed one or more forms you will need to fill out before the facility will allow you to work out there. While much of the information will be used by the gym for marketing purposes, a good questionnaire will also ensure that you're healthy enough for exercise, and the most effective ones can even help make your workouts better.

The Least You Can Get Away With

If you're checking out a gym with a free week or other type of trial membership, you should expect to fill out a questionnaire that provides the company with all of your contact and demographic information. The fitness center will try its best to retain you as a member, and they want to know as much about you as possible in order to do this. You are also likely to be required to read and sign a standard hold-harmless clause or liability waiver before you're allowed to use the facility. This is standard industry-wide and often required by the facility's insurance underwriter.

Protect Yourself With a Basic Health Questionnaire

A good gym will go a step further and ask you to complete a detailed health history questionnaire. Although filling out these forms can be time-consuming, their purpose is to identify any potential health risks you may have. Of greatest concern is any pre-existing condition or family history that indicates an elevated risk for a cardiac event, but it should also ask about any past or present musculoskeletal injuries you have that may need to be accommodated for. It's important that you fill this questionnaire out honestly, so that the gym staff can offer recommendations on exercise modifications or safe program progression that can keep you healthy.

Get Better Results With a Goal-Specific Questionnaire

If you choose to work with a personal trainer or health coach toward a specific goal, you can benefit greatly from filling out one or more questionnaires related to that goal. Whether you want to lose weight, run faster or bulk up, answering a series of questions related to that specific goal can help both you and your trainer work more effectively. These questionnaires should gather detailed information about your current condition, exercise and eating habits, and should help you formulate solid short- and mid-term goals. Some may even address the behavioral aspects you might need to address in order to change habits and reach your goals.

Completing a Survey Could Make Your Gym Better

Member opinion surveys are collected by gyms in an effort to retain membership and increase their bottom line, but they can also benefit you in a big way. This questionnaire will collect a bit of basic demographic information, but the main focus will be on how you use the facility and what your current impression is of the staff, equipment, services and amenities. This is an appropriate opportunity for you to voice your opinions about which classes, services, equipment or amenities you would like to see changed or added. If you don't participate, you can't complain.


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