Exercises to Minimize the Calves

Exercises to Minimize the Calves

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Minimize your calves with a targeted workout plan.

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The calf muscles are made up of the soleus and the larger gastrocnemius. If your goal is attaining smaller calves, incorporate both fat-burning and muscle-building exercises targeted at your calves. Only with a combination of cardio for fat loss and strength training exercises to tone and tighten your calf muscles, can you achieve your goal to minimize the calves.

Cardio to Burn Fat

Include enough cardio activity in your total workout plan to burn body fat. You can't remove fat from one particular area of your body, so to minimize your calves, focus on a full-body cardio workout. Jumping jacks, mountain climbers, burpees, running and cycling are all excellent forms of cardio exercise to engage the lower leg muscles and burn fat.

Strength Training for Tight Muscles

Along with fat loss, muscle-building is necessary in order to slim and sculpt your calves. Include targeted strength training exercises for the soleus and gastrocnemius muscles in your workout. The barbell seated calf raise and lever alternating bent-knee calf extension exercises target the soleus muscles. For the gastrocnemius muscles, try the dumbbell standing calf raise, sled 45-degree calf raise or cable standing calf raise.

Start Stretching

The importance of stretching before and after your workouts cannot be overlooked. Regular stretching increases flexibility and range of motion and maximizes the effects of your workout. Stick with dynamic stretches prior to your workout, such as the cross calf stretch or walking straight leg kicks to help warm your muscles up and prepare your body for the workout ahead. To cool down properly post-workout, do static calf stretches, such as the step straight leg calf stretch, towel straight leg calf stretch, and the lunging straight leg calf stretch.

Planning Your Workout

After setting up your workout with all the right exercises, it's important to get the rest of the details sorted out. Try to fit in at least four to five sessions of cardio each week, along with two to three strength training workouts. Aim to do your muscle-building exercises on nonconsecutive days. This ensures your calf muscles have adequate time to rest and recover before you put stress on them again with another workout.


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