Cheap Places to Workout

Cheap Places to Workout

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If you're on a budget, your home can make a suitable workout space.

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Keeping active doesn't mean you necessarily have to spend a lot to do so. Many gym memberships are expensive, and if you're concerned with wearing the latest workout gear as you get in shape, it's easy to spend more than you'd like, all in the name of fitness. Instead of breaking the bank, shift your sights to any of the cheap -- or completely free -- places to work out in your community.


It doesn't get any simpler than working out at home, and whether you enjoy a quick calisthenics routine before work each morning or enjoy weight training, a home-based workout can help you boost your physical fitness. A spot on the carpet in front of your TV can be ideal for stretching and doing cardio exercises such as jumping jacks and body-weight activities such as crunches and push-ups. Perhaps best of all, you don't have to contend with prying eyes as you work out.

Community Parks

Breaking a sweat at your community park doesn't cost a cent, and many parks are conducive to a wide variety of workouts. If the park has a path, use it for jogging, cycling or inline skating. Many parks are equipped with adult-style jungle gyms for pull-ups, incline push-ups and even box jumps. Grab a basketball and some friends and start a pickup game of hoops at the park's court or, if the park has a set of bleachers, feel the burn by sprinting up the steps.


Yes, some gym memberships are prohibitively priced, but others are extremely reasonable. Browse the websites of the gyms in your city and see which are within your price range. Subscribe to one or more daily deal websites and look for a deal on a gym -- with these sites, it's often possible to find a gym offering monthly memberships for the price of just a few cups of coffee. If you work for a large company, your office might have an on-site gym or an arrangement with a local gym to provide reduced memberships for employees.

Think Creatively

Getting in shape doesn't have to be expensive. If you're on an extremely limited budget, find simple ways to add more exercise to your everyday life. Work around your yard instead of assigning the tasks to your kids, bicycle to work a couple days a week or start a walking group in your neighborhood. Saving money on your fitness routine keeps more money in your pocket that you'll need for buying new clothes once you shed a few pounds.